Multimedia Production

We have all of your physical and digital media needs covered. Offering videography solutions covering a wide range of pre-trial needs such as Day In The Life videos, Walkthroughs, Mediation/Settlement videos, IME’s and more.

  • CD/DVD Authoring, Printing, and Duplication
  • Analog/Digital Transcoding (Media Conversion)
  • Extracting Digital Medical Imaging (DICOM) Studies
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Photography Shooting/Editing

Day in The Life Videos
Highly effective courtroom exhibits that provide a jury/mediator with visual evidence of pain and suffering. Daily activities of the plaintiff are filmed and sequenced, creating a compelling video.

Video Walkthroughs
Hospitals, Constructions Sites, Houses, Accidents Scenes, Driving Routes, etc. All can be filmed and displayed to show various perspectives of the location.

Mediation/Settlement Videos
Deposition clips, interviews, exhibits, expert opinions, combined together for a quick presentation submitted to your mediator.

IME (Independent Medical Examinations)
Audio or Video recording of IME.

Event Filming
Conferences, CLE classes, Mock Trials, Trade shows, etc.

Promotional Videos
Promotional media for your website, streaming services, advertising, etc